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Image Retweever® App, “… a Lava Lamp for tweets,” is out the door.

Our new app, Image Retweever® App, is now available in the iTunes App Store. Our marketing site is This fun app is built on top of the library engine we built for #Chat. Stay tuned for more technical details soon. I must do some marketing first.

An iTunes App Store App Review Success Story

My new app Startup Crawl,, was just approved by the Apple App Review team. This is unremarkable and expected for a simple app. What is remarkable was how well and simple getting this app approved using the expedited review request proved to be. Startup Crawl is a simple event directory app supporting the Startup […]

Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs changed my life. Outside of my immediate family, I think I can only say that about him. I wanted to contribute to his vision. I left graduate school to write Mac software — D2 Software’s MacSpin — to contribute to Jobs’ vision. I followed the siren call of multiprocessor performance and lead a […]

DDGActivity: An Example of Using Associated References

Object oriented languages have always allowed a programmer to add both methods and ivars to any class. Apple recommends you should not over-ride some Cocoa/Cocoa Touch classes. Hence, you cannot use inheritance to add ivars and methods to those classes. Of course, Objective-C has always offered the category mechanism as a way to add arbitrary […]